22.6 million 18- to 34-year-olds are still living at home with mom and dad.

This campaign for Bloomberg Businessweek revolves around cards that gently nudge live-at-home millennials to get a move on.

Wow. Why do you think that is? Lazy? I doubt it. Who wants to live with parents? This isn’t the 90s. Little room for error these days. I’d rather have a conversation about regional economic trends and adverse effects of higher education saturation and more expensive renting rates/cost of living these days. Sure interest rates are low but if you do not have a substantial job you can’t take advantage. Judge us I suppose. Label us. Criticize us. It creates no real dialogue.

*I was just talking to my mom about how older generations seem to hate us, but refuse to acknowledge the fact that they raised us. If we’re lacking, it’s because somewhere down the line our parents/teachers/role models (or lack thereof) failed us. And as far us moving out and shit.. Really? How? And why? So we can struggle? Do our parents need a reality check? It’s hard to find a job. Finding a decent one that pays enough to actually move out on your own whilst simultaneously paying off debt is damn near impossible to find. Unless of course you know the right people. Which is rare. Because we all strugglin….

I’ve been trying to be “an adult” and get out of my parent’s home since I started college. I’m currently a rising junior and they still prefer me to stay home. Why? “To save me money and to not go through what they’ve gone through.” Now I understand this, but I have to go “through it” sometime soon because I’m sure you guys will get tired of me and have I have to do the whole “be an adult” thing eventually.

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